Learning about the Old Spanish Trail Association

Today I was fortunate enough to meet with both Ashley Hall, the President of the Old Spanish Trail Association and with Liz Warren, the Nevada Director. It was great to feel their passion for the promotion, awareness and associated education of the route which I am currently exploring. Our meeting place was the Old Las Vegas Mormon State Historic Park which is the oldest non-native settlement in Las Vegas.

In this video you can hear Ashley talk about the role of the organisation and its aims for the future. I will be also posting soon an informative conversation with Liz Warren about her professional research on defining Antonio Armijo´s route.

To find out more about this trail that crosses the Southwest you can visit the website:


Orwell has broken down…

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We arrived this morning to Las Vegas and visited the Old Las Vegas Mormon State Historic Park. We had a great day thanks to Ashley Hall and Liz Till Warren from the Old Spanish Trail Association who gave us an insight into the history of the trail and also into how Las Vegas developed.

But on the way out of town Orwell broke down, so we had to visit a garage and park over night at their carpark until they can fix it in the morning. They were nice enough to let us charge our batteries and use their internet to make the waiting a bit more bearable.